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Golf Performance Institute Northwest is designed as a golf-centric physical training environment, which promotes the attainment of specific biomechanical goals pertaining to the golf swing.  The physical training regimens developed are designed to elevate the individual’s physical ability.  The identification and correction of deficiencies such as core balance, flexibility, sequencing, strength, coordination, tempo and athletic speed, are the first step in developing a fundamentally sound golf swing.  Goal setting is a priority for each individual, as each training program is client specific, maximizing results in less time.  

By utilizing a simulator and launch monitor experience it is possible for members and students to measure their success and benefit from on course scenarios at 50+ world-class courses. For example, while playing The Old Course at St. Andrews you can review your club path, face angle, vertical and horizontal launch angles, ball speed, club head speed, carry distance and total distance of your last shot.   

Injury prevention and accurate simulation of real hitting conditions are extremely important in developing your game. If you’re hitting conditions are not comparable to real on-course play or if you are injured, you cannot practice effectively.  Likewise, if you're practicing conditions feel nothing like the conditions on course then you are not going to make a smooth transition to the course.

We utilize TrueStrike’s top of the line hitting mat.  The TrueStrike design is meant to replicate the best fairway's you've every hit on.  After experiencing TrueStrike any traditional mat or grass range is simply obsolete.  

Each TrueStrike mat accommodates both right and left handed golfers.  The middle panel has a gel insert under the turf.  This helps absorb shock, but also mimics a fairway.  If the mat is struck before the ball then the club head slows and closes.  Golfers quickly begin to understand through feel, what it is like to truly hit down on a golf ball and compress it to generate spin and control.  


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Golf Performance Institute Northwest

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